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I had practically given up, I had been a widow for almost 10 years, but to my amazement I got 3 replies, one of them was living about 45 minutes from my home in Cape Town, South Africa...15 January 2016 and we are 20 months together and very happy.

I love the idea of Richard Gere bankrolling my shopping trips to Selfridges every weekend, and I can’t see much wrong with two consenting adults agreeing to a relationship that suits them both.

‘I’m open-minded and non-judgmental so have no issue with somebody who might have other commitments, what is important to me is that when we are together the time we share is inspiring and fun-filled!

‘Life is too short to miss opportunities and I believe in living each day to its fullest.

Some surviving examples of period hats and mittens, on the other hand, seem to have been knitted in a larger gauge.

Tools: Yarn Knitting needles (aka knitting pins) in the finer gauges were usually made of steel wire.

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