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"Both young men who weren't diagnosed with any problems that a clinician would have spotted before they became addicted," she explains.Internet porn addiction As far as internet-porn addicts go, Cash also treats a lot of them too, "but they really are bracketed in their own category," she notes, adding, "they are men who were exposed to porn at a young age, or were sexualised at a young age, maybe through abuse.A Seattle-based internet addiction specialist has revealed how computer and MMO addiction can cause serious 'intimacy disorders' in young men, who only handle their sexuality with online pornography.Dr Hilarie Cash set up Heavensfield rehab unit in Seattle last September, the first in-patient internet addiction clinic of its kind outside of the Far East.Odds are, however, that the day may never come: Perhaps the social influences shaping males and females are so powerful that it's primarily the social part, and not the biological part, that makes men and women who are they are. To women who have known men terrified of relationships, this research will come as no surprise.Anecodotally, my fifteen years as a therapist have shown me that men are often more afraid of letting their guards down and being vulnerable than women, so it would make sense if they fear relationships more than women.i may kiss any woman that i meet even if we just get on well, but i won't kiss a woman during sex unless i really like her and desire her. Doesn't he realize kissing is a glorious, extremely pleasure-filled part of sex? Here is a crazy scenario that has a twist to it and your the second one in my life time that this has happened to that I heard of. She had very thin skin so it was easier to not kiss than to tell her she sucked at it. Sorry to break it to her but the guy isn't interested in her. I understand she has feelings for him and all but if she stays in this unhealthy relationship, she's only going to get her heart stomped on.

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Who knows, maybe one day we'll learn so much about the brain that we can definitively answer the question. Measuring fear of intimacy among men and women in a research sense is tricky, but one study (Thelen et al., 2000) attempted it and found that men scored higher on a Fear-of-Intimacy Scale.

The couple get cozy on the island setting, where they embrace each other with some serious intimacy as the love song provides the perfect soundtrack for their romance.

The “Rider” MC spoke with about the new record, and what inspired the new set of visuals.

Broken sexual template And while Dr Cash admits to this month that "you can have people who are raised with computers who are smart and worldly," she is quick to add, "what I tend to see is people are physically at a deficit because they're chronically sleep-deprived, they've got carpal tunnel syndrome and they're socially uncomfortable in the real word, as the only place they're comfortable is in cyberspace."Many of her patients have never dated, instead "they've handled their sexuality with pornography, which means that their sexual template is divided out between sex and intimacy.

That's a recipe for an intimacy disorder – they don't know how to bring sexuality and social things together."Cash tells two particularly harrowing stories about two extreme cases of young men who led lives of deception and become suicidally depressed because of their 'gaming habits'.

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