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The first group which ends at the first gif includes the subjects: Monster Sex, Forced Sex, Sleepy and Ryona.The second group ending at the last gif are all links to death fetish pics and videos.The game centers around the main character, Hiroyuki Nishimura, going on summer vacation, after he recieves a letter from his friend Torahiko inviting him back to Minasato for a little summer vacation reunion.

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Darksites RSS Feed: The Darksites RSS feed is a much more visual version of Darksites with a large graphic for each site. If your browser just shows you code - you can use feed bucket here: Darksites on Feedbucket Mini Updates This is a group of links to random pics, gifs and videos. houseofgaspers.com: 3 femmefatalities.co: 3 femmefatalities.co: 2 unclebucksblog.com: 2 sadistictoons.com/: 2 Kristen's Archive: 2 Sickest Sites: 2 Cookbook for Cannibals: 1 Erotic Illusions: 1 /duckduckgo.com: 1 Deadskirts Forum: 1 sadistictoons.com/: 1 unclebucksblog.com: 1 t.umblr.com/: 1 / 1 WARNING: Email viruses have at one time or another used all of my sites as email return addresses. yeyel.top/: 27 Kristen's Archive: 18 asstr.org/~/Kriste: 12 princes-horror-cen: 9 asstr.org/~/Kriste: 8 houseofgaspers.com: 6 Female Captives: 5 Deadskirts Forum: 5 Deadskirts Forum: 5 /com/: 4 /duckduckgo.com/: 4 Alt. Stories: 4 princes-horror-cen: 3 Sickest Sites: 3 After Dark Fantasies: 3 Clicking on any of these links will take you to Weirdand Name = Sort Alphabetically**** = Sort by Star Rating POP = Sort by Popularity NEW = Sort by Newest 1st *Alphabetical sort begins with random letter.At the bus stop in the village, he is greeted by a tiger named Torahiko, who was one of his childhood friends. Torahiko tells Hiroyuki that later there will be a welcome back party for him at a restaurant.He then directs Hiroyuki to his grandparents' house and tells him where the restaurant where the party will be at is.

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