Dating the iceman worksheet

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In most cultures where the dead were mummified this practice was limited to elite groups.

Discuss why you think the Chichurra people made this available to so many ordinary people.

The unit begins with an Interactive Presentation that introduces the main concepts to be woven throughout our study of prehistory.

It proceeds to a Cooperative Discussion Group in which students examine and develop theories about an important archaeological find.

Otzi: The Iceman explains the scientific theories of how the Iceman might have lived, survived, and died.

As readers learn about Otzi, they can develop their own theories about his life and death.

Divide the class into small groups that will each research and orally report on one ancient site uncovered by archaeologists.

Show students the photo on the front cover of the book and read the title of the book with them.Informational (nonfiction), 1,638 words, Level W (Grade 4) Imagine hiking high in the mountains and suddenly stumbling upon a frozen human body in the ice.explains the scientific theories of how the Iceman might have lived, survived, and died.Think-aloud: As I read the first section of the book, most of the sentences develop the story and seem to foreshadow upcoming events.The section tells us that a man prepared for a hunt and an upcoming winter over 5,000 years ago. He was wounded when men shot arrows at him and then stole the animal he killed. The section also tells readers that this is one theory about how Otzi died.

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