Dating a parker duofold

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Elaborating on an invention by a University of Wisconsin engineer, Parker came up with an all-new filler system and installed it on a new and visually-arresting line of pens that first went on sale in 1932.These were originally known as "Golden Arrow" pens (inaugurating the new Parker "arrow" trademark designed by artist Joseph Platt), and then as "Vacuum Filler" pens.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.As a writer and editor at “Pen World” magazine for more than 10 years, Barry Gabay has tested and reviewed countless collectible writing instruments.

Mont Blanc, of course, is a mountain in France, on the French-Italian border.The Big Red is considered to be the quintessential vintage fountain pen. Many people who wish to use a vintage pen write with a Big Red. If earlier, it is made of red hard rubber, more collectable, but also more fragile. Nonetheless, googling Parker Big Red will produce numerous hits that are more extensive and authoritative than can possibly be given here. Finally, if the date on a Big Red is 1926 or later it is a made of Permanite, Parker's name for plastic. Four discrete generations of Parker Vacumatic will be considered, and are labeled 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation, respectively.Below, find a spreadsheet showing the core features found in the four generations of pens. The details of evolution within a generation and of both sizes and price points offered within each generation, will be addressed elsewhere.

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