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If you are a musician we welcome you to bring your instrument — a guitar, bongo, flute or other wood wind instruments are best and easiest to carry around.

We will have several occasions where you will be able to play your instrument in a group setting.

Please make sure that you bring all items on the list.

You may either pack them in a suitcase, carry-on or large backpack.

We recommend that you bring enough clothes for the duration of your trip without having to wash them.

With less than a month left in office, US President Barack Obama finally showed his true face toward Israel by refusing to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council.

These first two tests will determine if there are specific antibodies in the blood that are only found in patients with CD. During the procedure, the doctor uses a flexible device with a camera (endoscope) to remove a small amount of tissue from the small intestine.

A doctor will look at the tissue under a microscope to determine whether there is damage to the intestine that is characteristic of CD.

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Obama’s failure to do so was seen as a final jab at his Israeli rival, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. An act that revealed the true face of the Obama administration,” the Israeli official told local media.

“Now the world can see what we have been facing for the past eight years.” Both Israel and the US Congress have threatened to respond by cutting funding to the United Nations, and aid to the nations that promoted the resolution.

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